The Pinion

Mixed Media Madness: Sketchbooks

Kelly Cheng, reporter

February 12, 2020

Let’s just say, not every page in my sketchbook is neat, fancy, or perfect. I either have the best linearts or hideous faces and non-proportional anatomy drawn everywhere. It’s safe to say that many princesses and fairies in my old sketchbooks could use a redraw. As I slowly watched every printer paper disa...

Experiencing the spotlight

Experiencing the spotlight

Alexandria Buchanan, editor

October 4, 2017

Ever since Aug. 19, I have had interviews, articles and recognition for simply scoring a touchdown. This newfound “spotlight” has been focused on “McKinley’s girl quarterback” or “Alexandria Buchanan from McKinley,” and I don’t believe it is right for me to have so much attention. M...