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Black and Gold Collective Accomplished Its Goal

Virtual sessions aims to help students have fun online with friends
Althea Cunningham, reporter April 8, 2021

The Black and Gold Collective was designed to help students relax and have some interaction without the pressures of class. Students signed up for a variety of fun virtual classes.  Counselor Lisa...

This chart from is a good way to check biases on media outlets and see if they are reliable.

Use your voice intelligently (Opinion)

Iwalani Campbell, guest writer December 18, 2020

This year’s presidential election was a big deal, pitting incumbent Donald Trump against Joe Biden. Although many students can not vote yet. they must take away the energy and feeling from this election....

Tourists: Stay Home (Opinion)

Tourists: Stay Home (Opinion)

Jerome Linear, reporter December 17, 2020

The airports in Hawaii are open since Covid-19 has not been so severe through the past couple of months and many people from the mainland are coming to Hawaii during the Covid-19 pandemic.  When airports...

Architecture is significant in society. We should be more considerate about how it affects our lifestyles in Hawaii.

Abandon modern architecture (opinion)

Justin Nguyen, reporter December 17, 2020

Modern architecture in Hawaii includes the IBM building and Hilton Hawaiian Village Waikiki Beach Resort’s Rainbow Tower, both of which opened in the 1960’s They have a huge impact on citizens and...

Reading Plus warns kids from reading too fast.
“[A]re you kidding?” was a reaction from a student who found out she was put on hold for reading too fast even though she passed the reading comprehension questions of the activity that she was doing.

Negative Marks for Reading Plus (Opinion)

Qing An Chou, guest writer December 13, 2020

McKinley Tigers have encountered many new experiences this year, and that includes the Reading Plus initiative. Students must complete six assignments per week. This reading program was used by a small...

Cons of online school (editorial)

Christian Stutler, reporter November 13, 2020

Online schools are the only way students can learn safely due to the coronavirus. Online school has been both an okay for some people in schools around America. Online school requires a student’s motivation...

COVID-19 is dangerous (editorial)

Shane Kaneshiro, reporter November 2, 2020

People think that COVID-19 is not dangerous but it is. The number of cases in Hawaii jumped into the triple digits. Despite this, some people are still refusing to wear masks that will keep the people...

If you like the party game “Mafia,” you might want to try out “Among Us.” It’s almost the same thing except it’s on a spaceship and you’re an astronaut. I’ve played tons of times with my friends and randoms already and I had a lot of fun. I hope you can too if you try this game out.

Try ‘Among Us’ (editorial)

Althea Cunningham, reporter October 2, 2020

If you like the party game “Mafia,” you might want to try out “Among Us.” It’s almost the same thing except it’s on a spaceship and you’re an astronaut. I’ve played tons of times with my...

One benefit of a monarchy is its sustainability. History shows us that monarchies tend to last longer than many other forms of government. The imperial house of Japan is one example.

Bring back the monarchy (editorial)

Justin Nguyen, reporter October 2, 2020

Throughout human history, people have formed societies as a better option than being alone. Plato explains the benefit of a society by pointing out that it takes advantage of each individual’s productive...

You should watch anime (editorial)

Jerome Linear, reporter October 2, 2020

 Nowadays, people of many ages watch anime. There are many reasons watching anime is a good thing to do. There are lots of different types of anime you can watch such as Naruto, One Piece and Dragon...

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