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Try ‘Among Us’ (editorial)

Try 'Among Us' (editorial)

Althea Cunningham, reporter

October 2, 2020

If you like the party game “Mafia,” you might want to try out “Among Us.” It’s almost the same thing except it’s on a spaceship and you’re an astronaut. I’ve played tons of times with my friends and randoms already and I had a lot of fun. I hope you can too if you try this game out. ...

Bring back the monarchy (editorial)

Bring back the monarchy (editorial)

Justin Nguyen, reporter

October 2, 2020

Throughout human history, people have formed societies as a better option than being alone. Plato explains the benefit of a society by pointing out that it takes advantage of each individual’s productive differences to accomplish tasks. He also explains that humans are political and social animals. B...

You should watch anime (editorial)

Jerome Linear, reporter

October 2, 2020

 Nowadays, people of many ages watch anime. There are many reasons watching anime is a good thing to do. There are lots of different types of anime you can watch such as Naruto, One Piece and Dragon Ball Z. You can watch them in the comfort of your home, car, etc. These anime are interesting and...

Black lives matter (editorial)

As Hawaii’s community, we should take a stand and educate others about what is right.

Kayja-lyn Kauahi-Kahookele, reporter

October 2, 2020

We as a community should take a stand for black lives. Recently there have been many protests that supported Black Lives Matter.  Numerous people had gathered together to get the message that black lives matter across. Some protests had riots; others kept it peaceful and made it clear that more vio...

‘Despicable Me’ is great for families

'Despicable Me' is great for families

Rodney Fano, reporter

May 11, 2020

“Despicable Me” is filled with action and funny and loving moments and is a great movie to enjoy with family and friends. The main character of the movie is Gru. The voice actor playing Gru is Steve Carell, an actor who stars in some funny movies and T.V shows. One of his funniest movies is “Ev...

‘The Turning’ turns opaque

'The Turning' turns opaque

Kamakoa Faumui, guest writer

May 6, 2020

The horror film “The Turning” is an adaption of the Henry Jame’s novel. It is set in the countryside of Maine, where a nanny is hired out from the city to watch over two highly privileged orphans. Throughout her stay in the estate she begins to hear and see strange things that can't be explained....

‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ hypes veterans and newcomers

'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' hypes veterans and newcomers

Qing An Chou, guest writer

May 4, 2020

As a person with a lawful good D&D alignment I am expected to tell the truth and keep my word, so I watched this movie with a blind reaction, as in I watched it without knowing any background knowledge aside from basic Star Wars knowledge. That joke aside, I tried to keep an open mind while watching...

A letter from your student body president

A letter from your student body president

Regina Nguyen

May 1, 2020

Aloha Students of McKinley High School, During this time of adversity, we are faced with the reality that the future is filled with many uncertainties. With the last quarter of the school year spent working on enrichment assignments and attending virtual classes, the times we spent hanging out with fri...

‘Outbreak’ relevant to our time

'Outbreak' relevant to our time

Mark Ontolan, reporter

April 30, 2020

One of my favorite old movies is “Outbreak.” This movie is about a dangerous airborne virus called “motaba” that came from an African monkey that was smuggled into the U.S. The virus hits a California town and almost wipes out all of civilization. A team of doctors are working hard to stop the vi...

“Dr. Stone” anime earns 4 paws

Dr Stone review

Thai Bui, head reporter

April 28, 2020

“Dr. Stone” is an anime which was originally a manga (Japanese comic). The story is about how all humans on Earth turn into stone. Skip to around 3000 years later, and the first person to break out of the stone is someone named Senku Ishigami. Ishigami is a high schooler who loves science and has...