“Love Live! The School Idol Movie” different from other musicals


By Cynthia Reves

“Love Live! The School Idol Movie” is a great movie. This movie starts off in Japan at Otonokizaka Academy when the main cast gets invited to New York to perform and spread the name of school idols. School idols are idols who compete in competitions just like a normal sport for their school. When they get to New York, problems occur, but they solve all the problems while they are on their way to becoming top idols.

     This movie’s amazing plot is emotional that every time I watch it, I tear up. There are amazing original songs in the movie as well. It’s not your everyday cheesy musical where you cringe every other second. This movie picks appropriate times to have the characters sing. This movie has everything you could want, happiness when they all go to New York together and perform as one and sadness when they have their last performance together and they have to decide if they are going to disband, and some action.

There are also parts of the movie us in Hawaii can relate to. For example, when you go on a trip to somewhere else in America and they don’t serve rice anywhere so you are stuck eating bread for the rest of your trip. This movie also has amazing voice actors that voice the main cast. All the voice actors interact with the fans acting like the characters so the viewer can have a fun time when they perform live at a concert.

The ending of the movie is good but it’s frustrating to fans of the franchise who want this anime to keep going. Finally, animation is good. Not as good as “Violet Evergarden” or “A Silent Voice” but still good quality animation. Before you watch this movie, I recommend watching the anime series “Love Live School Idol Project” that comes before this movie to understand what is happening during the movie. I recommend this movie to anyone.