esports deserves recognition


Giovanni Luu, guest writer

Did you know esports were projected to bring more than $1 billion in revenue in 2019? Well, if you didn’t, that’s completely normal because most people know little about esports. The term “esports” is short for electronic sports and refers to video games played competitively, just like any “regular” sport. Although esports may not be as physical as sports like basketball, esports should be considered a sport because it requires mental strength and skill.

The argument that esports are not actual sports because they don’t require physical exertion is weak. There are many sports that do not require much physical exertion such as darts, billiards, bowling and golf. These are still considered sports because these activities are competitively entertaining and require the individual and/or teams to have a set of skills. Esports completely meets this criteria.

Allowing esports to be considered a regular sport would open up opportunities for the millions of people who play games. It would allow these people to have more pride and self-confidence in what they do and enjoy. Eventually, these individuals may grow up to pursue dreams free from fear. There is nothing stopping esports from becoming a regular sport other than the outdated notion that a sport requires physical exertion. As we move on, there are only benefits to calling esports players athletes.

Changes in structure and information were made on 5/28/2020.