‘1984’ portrays dystopian society

'1984' portrays dystopian society

Jasmine Thai, guest writer

“1984” is a thrilling book that will spark thoughts and send your mind on major twists and turns.

This book was written by George Orwell in 1949 and portrays a dystopian world where people are constantly under surveillance by Big Brother. In fact, the phrase “Big Brother is watching” is derived from this novel.

This fictional society displays totalitarianism and every citizen’s life is heavily controlled and manipulated by the government. The story unfolds as our main character, Winston, rebels against the rules and starts to accomplish what his heart desires with fellow rebel Julia. Together they act against the system, risking major consequences if they are caught.

As the story unravels, we see what goes on behind closed doors and what happens to these two fugitives. The results are quite interesting.

Many compare our society with the dystopian one in “1984.” I saw many resemblances as I read the book and it made me wonder if one day my world will turn into the nightmare that Orwell envisioned.

Read “1984” and decide for yourself if our world is turning into a complete dystopia. Brace yourself for what this book has to offer.

This novel will impact your perspective of our world right now, so explore what is being presented in “1984.”

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