My Lu wins Pinion header contest


Silvana Bautista, Web Co-Editor

This year The Pinion had a contest for a new header. My Lu was one of the many people who joined the contest.

Lu was a former English student of The Pinion adviser, Cindy Reves. Lu has drawn for The Pinion before so she decided to compete in the header contest

Lu had decided against a design of a tiger head because it was “not refreshing, and not new.”
Lu decided to draw a design based on tiger eyes because she believed that it showed the tough and powerful nature of a tiger. The idea came to her while eating sushi.

She said that when she saw the sushi, she also saw the tiger. The black seaweed of her sushi reminded her of the black eyes of the tiger. The kimchi that she had with her sushi gave her the idea to blend red in the tiger’s eyes.

Later that day, Lu drew her idea for the header while she was waiting for her laundry to dry. She had nothing to do in that time so she decided to draw it out. This happened during the night. Lu said that she has more energy and excitement during the night. She used her excitement to her advantage and drew the design.

Her excitement and energy was something Lu had to use “right away” before “it’s gone.”

Lu’s design can be seen on The Pinion’s website,