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Triplet deals with multiple surgeries

Mari enjoys photography, babysitting, movies and going on her phone.

Mari enjoys photography, babysitting, movies and going on her phone.

By Lacey Hayashi

By Lacey Hayashi

Mari enjoys photography, babysitting, movies and going on her phone.

Lacey Hayashi, reporter

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Mari Faufata-Pedrina is a 16-year-old sophomore at McKinley High School. She lives with her mother and is a triplet. She is Catholic and goes to King’s Cathedral.

Faufata-Pedrina has gone through a total of eight surgeries since 2002. Her first two surgeries in 2002 were to close her cleft palate. That’s the openings or splits in the roof of the mouth and lip. This was followed by three more surgeries in 2006-2007 to help prevent ear infections.

In 2014 she had her cleft palate lengthened.

In 2016 she received cochlear implants to improve hearing.

“I decided to do the cochlear implant because I wanted to hear the difference between sounds with hearing aids and with [the] cochlear implant,” Faufata-Pedrina said.

After surgery, sickness is possible since anesthesia can make patients feel nauseous. This is a common side effect and often does not last long. During the first 48 hours after surgery, the most likely risks are bleeding and problems with the heart or lungs.

Faufata-Pedrina was bullied throughout elementary school for her differences.

“I felt like I wasn’t like everyone else… I was nothing to everybody,” said Faufata-Pedrina.

Faufata-Pedrina is a triplet. According to Psychology Today, those with positive sibling relationships report higher life satisfaction and lower rates of depression later in life.

Faufata-Pedrina’s older brother, Matthew, is a junior. He said, “She is my little sister. I always make sure she is okay, and make sure I can give her things she wants.”

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Lacey Hayashi, reporter

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Triplet deals with multiple surgeries