What it takes to be a great leader

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According to Google, a leader is a person that leads or commands a group, organization, or country. There are average leaders and then there are great leaders.

“The difference is how much effort the person puts in his whole self into it,“ senior Jerome Cruz said.

Cruz said it takes effort and determina- tion not to give up in situations that may

seem difficult because there is no excuse for not placing enough effort in any situation.

“I would want a leader to be blunt, asser- tive, influential, competent, diligent, and productive,” junior Shani Huang said.

Huang said great leaders put forth the best quality and achieve more than they planned to accomplish, while an average leader does not strive for greater outcomes beyond the expected.

“I think people can learn to become a great leader if he or she strives for it,” Huang said.

Senior Ryo Takemura does not agree. He said leaders are born.

“A great leader knows sacrifice,” Take- mura said.

Leaders can be anyone around the world, which is why students are recognizing the great leaders in their life.

Sophomore Sapioamoa Steffany said Kylah Sagucio is a leader because she knows how to control her stress, while Cruz said, “I can’t name just one.

A great leader knows how to lead people to the right path,” said Sophomore Kamalei Vanuaria.

Vanuaria said, being in a positive state of mind is important for every leader.

Steffany said she agreed and that managing stress is something a leader should have as well.

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