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Summer reading is time well spent

Fun Fact: Reading reduces stress and anxiety levels.

Fun Fact: Reading reduces stress and anxiety levels.

By Sonya Park Smith

By Sonya Park Smith

Fun Fact: Reading reduces stress and anxiety levels.

Sonya Park Smith, reporter

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With summer fast approaching, students are looking forward to putting away the books. However, it is important for students to read over the summer.

“We’ve all experienced the moment you’re done with school (and) you forget everything by the first day of the next year,” English teacher Thomas Favors said.

“It’s important every day to constantly stimulate your mind. And, no, playing video games doesn’t count,” Favors said.

Favors is aware that as soon as students are finished with school they forget the things they learned and that’s why it’s important to keep your minds active. Favors suggests to find an interesting book to read.

Junior Drayken Ly agrees that reading will help students be ready for the next year.

“It will build up an education and help them to be prepared,” Ly said.

Sophomore Darion D’Antin said that reading is useful to keep brain active.

“Summer break should be used to pull yourself together before you get back to school. …You want to make sure you read, and keep your mind in a good shape,” D’Antin said.

Favors encourages his students to find a book genre that interests them.

“I’m always motivating my kids, especially Anime Club, to read comic books or manga because, you know, even if it is a comic or graphic novel, it’s still better than reading nothing,” Favors said.

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Summer reading is time well spent