Rodden misses school

Freshman James Rodden helps his mom with chores during the school closure.

Freshman James Rodden said he missed school after it closed in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Teachers began providing remote instructions, but Rodden said it wasn’t the same.

“I’d rather do all the work in school than doing it in Google Classroom,” Rodden said. “And I kinda miss all the things we used to do in school together.”

Even though students still had schoolwork, many had more time on their hands and could get bored.

“How I keep myself from getting bored during all of this social distancing is just face timing and texting my friends or just play online video games with them so we can socialize while having fun without playing in person,” Rodden said.

Rodden also helps around the house.

“I do all the chores for my mom,” he said. “Cleaning my house is another thing I do to keep myself from being bored in the house.”

Rodden said he uses his phone a lot to stay in touch with his friends during this pandemic.

“I can’t wait to go back to school already.” Rodden said. “I want to hang out with my friends because I miss them so much.”

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