Book Club starts off with an election for officers


By Silvana Bautista

From left to right: Emily Phan (treasurer), Yunmi Kim (secretary), Bonnie Pang (vice president), Si Hou Lon (president)

Silvana Bautista, Web Co-Editor

The book club is open to anyone who has an interest in books. It is not only a place for book lovers to be a part of. People who wish to improve themselves or people who are having a hard time to like reading are welcome too.

“I wanted to get involved with my students and motivate them to enjoy reading,” club adviser Jude Waterman said.

He plans for the students who signed up to decide on the types of books to read.

About the officers

The club’s first meeting was on Thursday, Sept. 4. At that meeting, the officers were chosen through voting.

Senior Si Hou Lon is president. Lon joined book club and decided to run for president because he likes to read.

“I started to read a lot of books in seventh grade and I wanted to keep reading since then,” Lon said.

Senior Bonnie Pang was voted as the book club’s vice president. She has loved reading since she was in seventh grade.

“My seventh grade teacher, Ms. Kudo, got me into reading. She gave me “Great Expectations” by Charles Dickens,” she said.

Pang is looking forward to reading more classical books in book club.

Senior Yunmi Kim was voted as secretary. She joined book club as a way to improve herself.

“I was reading since I was a little kid. I realized that while I read classics, I had a hard time. I think that being in the book club will help with those books,” Kim said.

Senior Emily Phan was chosen as treasurer. She likes to read. She also wanted more leadership roles.

“I like to read. It began in kindergarten with alphabet books. It helped me begin to understand,” she said. “I also want to improve on my leadership abilities.”

Waterman is proud of the new officers. “They’re great students who seem very responsible,” he said.

 Tigers and Reading

McKinley High School has many students who like to read but did not join the club. In an anonymous survey of 50 students, 38 said that they like to read.

For the remaining 12, they wrote that reading is boring or they do not know what to read or that they do not have time.


Who reads-