Advertising does not always attract attention


By Silvana Bautista

Cards are one of the ways TIger Locker advertises.

Silvana Bautista, Web Co-Editor

Tiger Locker has sales to make space for more items.
Silvana Bautista
Tiger Locker has sales to make space for more items.

There were advertisements on the morning bulletin, signs around campus and business cards. However, very few students go to the Tiger Locker.

Tiger Locker is McKinley’s school store. It can be found in Student Activities and it is open during lunch on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Students would generally be working there.

The store has an excess of merchandise and is being advertised but not many students go there. Storage space for items is running out and more items are coming in so sales are one of the things Jeremy Tongpalan does to sell.

Tongpalan is advised by counselor Lisa Panquites and activities director April Nakamura. Tongpalan said that he planned most of the advertisements. He advertised through the use of fliers, social media and the morning bulletin. He said that it was well done.

“I think that the advertising I did was enough,” he said.

Senior Emily Phan said the advertisements are informative but not visually appealing.

“Tiger Locker’s flyer for the sale was all right, … just pictures and texts look messy,” she she said.

Senior Jaynielle Bannagao said it was “not very effective since a lot of people don’t really listen to the bulletin.”

The ineffectiveness of the advertisements were not the only reason.

Bannagao also said, “A lot of people don’t really know of the Tiger Locker especially since it’s hidden in the student council room and only open during lunch.”

“I think the advertising I did was enough. … People have their own opinions about things and people either like or dislike something,” Tongpalan said. “If it’s not important, they won’t pay attention to it. If it’s not eye-catching, they won’t pay attention to it.”

Senior Alexandra Kaohi said that she could not buy anything from the Locker because she had to pay for her graduation cap and gown.

Junior Mac Bautista works for the Tiger Locker.

He said, “It was effective. We had more customers but I expected way more. Advertising was a good idea but it didn’t do so well at capturing our audience’s attention.”

Senior Mahealani Wilson, another worker, said, “Jeremy did a great job advertising. All of his hard work showed in the amount of customers that came.”

The store gets three customers a day on average. During the sale, there were six customers a day on average. According to Tongpalan, the slowest day is Monday.