Muranaka and Takamori get inducted in the Hall of Honor

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  • The MHS Hall of Honor Assembly kicks off with the presentation of colors by a full male group of JROTC cadets. In the past, a group of all female JROTC cadets would do the presentation of colors.

  • Applause for the MHS bands performance in honor of Glenn Muranaka

  • Along with the Dance club, students from CTL and leadership programs at MHS perform a dance in honor of Glenn Muranaka

  • Originally, some sort of zumba performance was supposed to take place, but a dance was ultimately decided instead

  • The choir chamber perform "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars in honor of Neal Takamori.

  • Mckinley's Choir Chamber performs throughout the year at events across Oahu

  • Although he might not look suprised, Glenn Muranaka didn't expect to become an inductee to the MHS Hall of Honor

  • “The important thing is, and that’s my message to all the students, is never give up. Believe in yourself and at some point in your life, you’ve gotta be able to give back to the community.”

  • Through trials and tribulations, Muranaka worked hard and became the best of the best

  • “I just try to make a difference in someone’s life and if I did that, I’m happy.”

  • Glenn Muranaka and Neal Takamori received many congratulations. Takamori in particular though, received a personal congratulatory video from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson that the entire school got to witness

  • Although Black and Gold isn't waving, MHS tigers wave what they got regardless

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Glenn Muranaka – Share the treasure

Class of 1967

Muranaka began work as a Meadow Gold clerk. In 1972, he was promoted to a controller at Meadow Gold Dairies. He has been the Meadow Gold Dairies President and General Manager since 1996.

From kindergarten until he was 19 years old, Muranaka said that he did not do well in school. He was an average student and he was not popular. After high school he ran away from home. While he was homeless, Muranaka prayed to God for guidance and to ask for forgiveness. He eventually had a reconciliation with his dad and returned home.

Muranaka went to Kapiolani Community College with regrets of not having the grades to go to university. He worked hard and studied until he became the best. He eventually learned that he loved reading. He is amazed by the treasures that can be found in books. He advises students to read books to find treasure that will eventually become the wisdom that will lead a person to contribute to society. He said to share the wisdom to motivate and help other people.

Neal Takamori – Attitude is everything

Class of 1964

Takamori is a retired athletics director of McKinley High School. His time here has left an impact on all the student athletes who knew him, as well as all the people he worked with.

The assembly featured two videos: one from the people he worked with, alumni and his sons and another from Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

Takamori said that parents want their kids to be good people. Money and fame do not matter as much. It was heartwarming for him to see his sons on the video.

Takamori came in contact with a lot of people who have touched him. They inspired him to be the best person he could be and motivated him to fulfill his dream.

Takamori wants students to thank the parents and teacher who care about them. He told students to never give up on what they do because everyone has a chance to succeed. If a person has the right attitude, they can fulfill their dreams. Takamori said that attitude is everything.

Read more about the Inductees and the Hall of Honor here.

This piece placed second for multimedia story presentation in the public school division of the 2015 Hawaii High School Journalism Awards.

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