End Of Year Thoughts

Looking Toward's Next School Year

Kanani Orta, staff reporter

Students have four years in high school before they move on and branch out into the world. During freshman year, students may feel like they have a lot of time. The seniors however can confirm that time flies, and before you know it, you’ll be crossing The Oval at commencement.

Senior Kalani Cheng said she has enjoyed her time at McKinley High School.

“The friends made it fun and the classes were debatable. I don’t regret putting myself out there and doing things. I’m glad I did it in the end,” Cheng said.

Many seniors reminisce about their freshman year and think about their first thoughts as a high schooler. Senior Jasmine Kaleiohi said that she thought it was cool her first year because of all of the students’ diversity.

“In freshman year, it was completely different than in middle school,” Kaleiohi said. “I don’t regret anything here ‘cause it makes you who you are and I enjoyed meeting new people.”

Dave Blanchard is a teacher at McKinley. He said he enjoys seeing students mature over their high school career. He encourages them and tells his students not to procrastinate.

“I want to try to get them to finish strong, especially the seniors, and realize how fast the fourth quarter goes,”  Blanchard said. “Every year, since I’m teaching that age group, I enjoy seeing them growing up and having fun while they still can and starting to realize how serious growing up is.”

Kaleiohi and Cheng also have advice to share with the underclassmen.

“Don’t take any classes for granted, especially electives, because it could really help you if you’re missing a credit or anything,” Kaleiohi said. “If you pass all three years, then it will make it really easier for your senior year and when you graduate.”

Cheng advises students to focus on happiness and making good memories.

“Focus on school and aspire to do well, but remember to take time for yourself and make high school enjoyable,” Cheng said. “Grades are important but not as important as being happy and making good memories to look back on.”