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Ashanti Brown

Hi, my name is Ashanti Brown. I'm a 9th grader. My favorite accomplishment was riding the fireball at the 50th state fair. I am proud that I did that because I'm afraid of heights and during that ride, you go up in the air and hang upside down for a couple of seconds. The three words that I think best describe me are sassy, joyful and persistent. I think this because people always point out when I'm sassy. For example, my mom, when she hears me talking to my brothers, she always says, ''You're so sassy Ashanti,'' but it's something I do daily so I can't do anything about it. I say joyful because I literally laugh at everything even if it's stupid or no one else is laughing about it. Lastly, I say persistent because whenever I feel like giving up or not trying anymore, I keep going until I achieve what I am trying to do. If I could meet any fictional character in real life, I would want to meet Spongebob SquarePants. I would want to meet him because he and I have the same type of personality. The biggest challenge that I would like to change in myself is procrastination because it's not a good habit and it gets frustrating and stressful.

Ashanti Brown, reporter

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