The Pinion

I really love watching scary movies at 11:00pm. These are the movies I like to watch on channel 375 Arachnophobia, Anaconda the birth, and Aliens vs. Predator Requiem. The second thing about me is that I’m afraid of heights. When I went to Wet and Wild I climbed up the stairs on the Tornado ride with six of my cousins.  After that I felt that I accomplished my fear of heights. I went to Wet and Wild 9 times riding the Tornado ride 7 times by myself in the afternoon. Finally the last thing about me is that I’m really fast at playing the card game speed. If you like to challenge me at that game at 7 games I’ll win all of the 7 games in no doubles and doubles. That’s not the only game I’ll win challenging you anywhere, anytime, and any day. The other card games I’m really good is 21, gold fish, war, then black jack.

Isaiah Blanko-Rettig, reporter

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