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Josephine Muniz

  • Q- What is your age?

A- 13 years young

  • Q-Where were you born?


  • Q-What is your ethnicity?

A-Half Chinese, Half Mexican

  • Q-Where have you traveled?

A-Places in California, Mexico, and the Hawaiian Islands

  • Q-How many siblings do you have?


  • Q-Where is your family from?

A-Hong Kong/Beijing Monterrey, Mexico

  • Q-What are some things you like about your culture?

A-The mexican parties, chinese new year, the jokes and the pride

  • Q-What’s your motto?

A-0-100, real quick

  • Q-In your opinion how do your friends see you?


  • Q-What is your favorite book?

A-Anything by Jerry Spinelli/Judy Blume

  • Q-What is your favorite movie?

A-22 Jump Street

  • Q-What is your favorite singer/band?

A-Greenday, All Time Low, Andy Biersack

  • Q-What is your favorite color?


  • Q-What is your favorite drink?

A-Milk tea

  • Q-What are some of your hobbies?


  • Q-What do you do during your free time?

A-Hang with friends/family

  • Q-Where do you see yourself in five years?


  • Q-Where would you like to travels if you could?

A-Everywhere except North Korea... Whoops


Student’s View Changes

   Josephine Switches diets after startling realization


      Josephine Muniz, a freshman at Mckinley High School was a real meat fanatic. “I would have never imagined myself becoming a vegetarian… I use to put bacon on everything.” So what changed?


In Muniz’s 8th grade year she made a horrifying discovery about the specifics of the cruel process in which animals go through to become the food on our plates. Just to make sure what she uncovered was true she did even more research.


The finding was devastating.  “It felt like a bomb exploded  in my heart.” Muniz said, “That  moment was the start of my motivation…”


Once she understood the animal abuse, she knew she had to make a change. Almost instantly she made the switch to vegetarian. Thankfully her family is very understanding and even cooks vegetarian food for her.  It goes to show that even the stubborn can modify and adapt to a new lifestyle.


Today she is glad that she became a vegetarian and wants to spread the word on animal abuse. “If we lived in a different world, where cows and pigs were treated like dog and cats- like family, I’m sure people would feel the same…”


Josephine Muniz, reporter

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