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Ryan Vanairsdale
My name is Ryan Vanairsdale, and you should probably sound out my last name if you want to pronounce it. I am a head reporter for The Pinion. I am a freshman that is short and hyperactive. The games I play the most are CS:GO, and Geometry Dash. I look like what you would think of when you hear 'Minecraft' because I'm short, high voice-ish, that sort of stuff. I do play Minecraft sometimes, but I don't play Fortnite. Fortnite isn't my type of game. To give you an idea of my sense of humor, I'll just give an example. How can the earth be real if our eyes aren't real? That's the kind of stuff I start laughing at for no reason. I can find this kind of quality content on Reddit. It's my second home, and there's pretty much a subreddit for anyone. I frequent r/cubers, r/AskReddit, r/Jokes, and many other communities. There's pretty much a never-ending supply of content, and sometimes I'll just start giggling when I see a funny post. It's funny how the community seems to finish off jokes for each other and a comment thread can progress to a big joke when it wasn't even the original topic. I can also do a near perfect Roblox oof.

Ryan Vanairsdale, head reporter

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