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Trent Pham
Hi, my name is Trent Pham and I am a freshman at McKinley High School. I finish my homework sometimes but not always. My favorite excuse for not doing homework is "I forgot." If you were to ask people to describe me, I think the most common words that would be said are loud, smart, bold, lazy and some would say annoying. My proudest achievement is in middle school. I went on my phone and ordered pizza during school. I had to time it right so that the driver would show up a couple minutes after lunch had started. After doing it the first time and not getting caught I did it another four times. The lunch there was awful. Once in a while, they would serve good food, but usually, I just couldn't eat it. When I was younger, I wanted to be a McDonalds worker because looking at them they looked happy and using the ice cream machine looked fun. Now I would just like a job that pays a lot and has to do with food so i can pay for college.

Trent Pham, reporter

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