The Pinion

Kevin Arroyo
I'm Kevin Arroyo. I'm a freshman my hobbies are boxing and listening to music. I love to hang out with friends.  My greatest achievement is getting a 4.0-grade point average. I am proud of myself for getting better grades because my grades were very bad before. My favorite excuse for not doing my homework is I didn't feel like it. If I were a cartoon character I would be Peter Griffin from Family Guy because we both make really stupid jokes. My biggest regret last year was not getting good grades. I like to spend my free time by listening to music and boxing at Kalakaua boxing gym. Three things to describe me are hungry, happy, and energetic. Something surprising about me is that I collect a lot of sneakers and I own over 10 pairs of sneakers. For me, my biggest change was moving from town to Aiea because I knew no one and the curriculum was very different there. One thing I think adults don't understand is the type of music people like nowadays. The reason why I joined news writing is that I love to write I also wanted to challenge myself to write articles. My favorite food is ahi and rice because I think they taste really good.

kevin arroyo, reporter

Student Voice of McKinley High School