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Christian Stutler
Hi, my name is Christian Stutler. I am a freshman who signed up for the Pinion, joining because of a passion and interest in writing, while also wanting to improve those skills. I have had previous experience in Newswriting, and I’m glad to be a part of another Newswriting class. One of my hobbies is writing literature, whether it be in the form of a story or in poetry in my free time. I like vibing and chilling with my friends as well whenever possible. In The Pinion, I would like to write about things that will contribute to McKinley High School. As a freshman, I might not be ready for the challenges that lie ahead on my high school journey, but I wish to improve as a person overall, and eventually be able to overcome these challenges, and I hope others can improve and overcome struggles too.

Christian Stutler, reporter

Nov 13, 2020
Cons of online school (editorial) (Story)