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Kevin Lee
Hello, my name is Kevin and I am a reporter for the Pinion. I am freshmen. Every Monday and Tuesday, I watch Wrestling, including the highlights. Every Wednesday Night, I watch NOVA on PBS-Hawaii from 9 to 10pm. Every Friday Night, I go out to buy juice and food. Every Saturday, I go out to buy bread, milk, detergent and peanut butter. Every Sunday I watch Wipeout. I go to chinatown to buy food. I watch Tagalog News and Hawaii's News. Also I watch Wrestling, Cartoon, National Geographic and Astronomy. My favorite food is Chicken, Pork, Barbeque, Bread and Beef. I speak Malay, Chinese, Filipino and English. I am 15 years old and I watch TV everyday. Every Monday and Friday, I eat home lunch. Because I don't like to eat American food. My favorite country is Philippines and Malaysia. Because I like the food in the Philippines and Malaysia. I like to use my tablet or laptop to watch Youtube and check flights Everyday or Night.

Kevin Lee, Reporter

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