Emotions arise for Seniors’ Last Lighting of the M

Brannagan Mukaisu, reporter

This year will be the last time the Seniors on campus will get to watch the Lighting of the M as a student at McKinley. When and if they do return they will be an alumnus. Here is what they have to say about The Lighting of the M.

Maggie Kwock said, “I am really excited about the entertainment, because this year, various clubs on campus will be displaying their talents, and for me, this will be the first year that there will be a full-on show during Lighting of the M as compared to just one or two performances from prior years. The entertainment will definitely enhance the event, because everyone will be involved and will be enjoying themselves whether they are a part of the performances or the audience.”

“This, I’m proud to say, will be my fourth year attending Lighting of the M. The reason why I attend this event every year is that I always feel this surging pride swelling up inside of me as the M and tiger paw is lit while everyone is singing Black and Gold and Alma mater; I can feel tiger pride, unity, and spirit in the atmosphere, among the audience, and within myself,” said Kwock.

“Knowing this will be my last Lighting of the M brings about a slight bittersweet feeling, because I know it is the last time I will attend Lighting of the M as a McKinley student. However, I will certainly look forward to attending later Lighting of the M as an alumnus!” said Kwock.

Jackie Recaido (12) said, “I think that the homecoming entertainment makes the Lighting of the M more enjoyable because students can display their different talents.”

“I go because i get to show pride and tradition with my friends. (Lighting of the M) is important to me because since I’m a senior, which is my last year here as a fellow tiger, I would like to participate in majority of the events. (Lighting of the M) is special to me because when I grow older I will probably look back at this moment and remember the valuable times I spent here at McKinley.”

Sidney Li (12) said, “I am excited because it is like a bonding for the whole school, just have fun. I feel emotional because it is kicking off things in my final senior year. I like to go because I get to bond with my friends. I feel tiger pride, and it feels very exciting, it’s kind of like the feeling of graduation is coming near.”