Football team trains for upcoming season

Amanda Muramoto, editor

McKinley’s football team is practicing for the upcoming fall football season. Coach Joseph Cho said that it’s to the team’s advantage to prepare ahead of time. He said training is important.

“If you don’t do it, you’ll fall behind.”

Cho said it’s necessary for the players to be in condition, since a player who is tired “will be more worried about breathing,” and not be able to concentrate on the game.

Both junior varsity and varsity have been participating in the spring training. Cho said even eighth graders pursuing a spot on the team come to spring training. Football players have been training on the field and in the weight room since January three times a week for two hours straight. Each session consists of agility work and weight lifting. When football season starts on July 23, practice will increase to five times a week. From then on, practice will consist of everything from game strategies to practicing some offenses and defenses. However, it’s more than getting into condition for the team.

“Training definitely brings the team together,” said Jared Malaga (11) who plays O-line and D-line on the varsity team.

Malaga said that training shows who’s the leaders of the team.

“Some players speak out and encourage other players to push themselves. It also helps the newer kids get to know our coaches a lot more.”

“They’re good kids,” said Cho. “They’re still learning how to be a team and what it takes to be a team.”

The team has always trained before season. As for the training now, Cho hopes that it, brings a sense of teamwork, a sense of knowledge, and a sense of confidence. He takes this time to see where his team stands against the other teams and what they need to work on.

Cho encourages that anybody can still come and try for the team.