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National Health Minority Month

Jade Bluestone, reporter April 30, 2023

The month of April serves to raise awareness about health disparities, which refers to the difference in disease risk, conditions and mortality that affect people in ethnic minority groups. Part of this...

The Importance of Sleep and Relaxation, digital art created by Jade Bluestone

Unhealthy Sleep Schedules

March 5, 2023

An average teenager gets nearly seven and a half hours of sleep per night out of the nine and a half recommended, while others get even less. Whether it's finishing late-night assignments, going out with...

Importance of Diversity, Digital art made by Jade Bluestone

Cultural Disparities Pose Barriers In Health Care

Jade Bluestone, reporter January 24, 2023

Representation in healthcare refers to the inclusion of healthcare professionals of varied races, ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, religion, and sexual orientation. It is important because it gives...

Doctor and Puzzling Mind, Digital Art Created by Jade Bluestone.

The Possible Fabrication of Alzheimer’s Research

Jade Bluestone, reporter January 13, 2023

Researchers have previously developed the theory that Alzheimer’s is caused by plaque buildup in the brain. But this theory was recently put into question by a Vanderbilt University assistant professor,...

The Best of Both Passions, Digital art created Jade Bluestone

About Me!

Jade Bluestone, reporter October 27, 2022

Hello! My name is Jade Bluestone, I am a senior at McKinley High School, class of 2023. I am a student journalist for The Pinion and in the Health Science Academy. I decided to write The Pinion’s...

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