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Centennial Series - 100 Years of Pinion Coverage
Centennial Series - 100 Years of Pinion Coverage
The Pinion staff dug through the archives. Here's some of what they found.
Pinion Staff
Nicole Suzuki-Uyeno, who graduated in 2000, was one of the former staffers interviewed. 

She said she had fun passing out The Pinion throughout the school and saying hi to her friends.
Centennial Series - Nicole Suzuki-Uyeno (2000)
Suzuki-Ueno remembers the fun
Shane Kaneshiro, reporter
Thompson Wong worked on The Pinion staff his junior and senior year.
Centennial Series: Thompson Wong (2019)
Wong responsible for Pinion's updated design
Shane Kaneshiro, Althea Cunningham, and Kayja-Lyn Kauahi-Kahool
Kimura was a sports editor for The Pinion. Kimura worked with about twenty other Tigers to publish The Daily Pinion, an experience he said was sometimes “quite a hectic situation.”
Centennial Series: Wendell Kimura (1954)
Former Pinion staff remembers the 'good ole days' of journalism
Justin Nguyen and Jerome Linear
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