Cell Phone manners


Yunmi Kim , reporter

In addition to peoples lack of exercise, and bad postures, there is also a concern for cell phone manners. Many people don’t  know cell phone manners and it has led to decreased communication, broken friendships and annoyances among people at home, in public, and school.

At school both students and teachers have faced problems in terms of cell phone use. One of the common problems is when a cell phone is used in the middle of a one-to-one conversation. Freshman, Le Xinh Li(Gina), said “I would like it if the person would put away their phones at least when I am talking to them face-to-face”. She also said, “Or at least give a proper response, not an one word response like “Uh-huh, Okay, etc, when using a phone”. Chorus teacher, Natasha Taketa, has rules at home about the use of cellphones. Taketa said, “We have a rule at the dinner table of no phones or electronics because that is the only family time you have to spend”, where “the phone comes second”. She had a situation where she met with her friend, whom she hadn’t met for a long time, use her phone during a conversation. Taketa told her friend to put away her phone only  for the time they are together because Taketa felt that this was the time where they could spend with each other. Afterwards, her friend did not use her phone during conversations anymore.

Here are some rules to keep when using a cell phone according to the New York Daily News:

  1. When talking to a person face-to-face, give them your full attention. Don’t take calls or texts. Only answer your phone if it is an emergency.
  2. When eating dinner with somebody, put your phone someplace else. Never put a phone on the table because the other person dining with you should not have to be sitting in silence and listen to their dining companion’s phone conversation.
  3. Respect places that are quiet environments such as library, theater, church, dance recital, concerts, and etc.
  4. Don’t drive and use your phone at the same time. This is so that you can protect yourself and pedestrians.
  5. Be careful of the language you use on the phone.
  6. If a phone needs to answered at places like church, restaurants, theaters, put the phone on vibrate so that you do not disturb other people.
  7. If others need a cellphone in times of emergency, help them out.
  8. Wear earphones or turn down the volume when listening to music or watching a video to give respect to those around you.