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From Left - (Status of SY 2019-20) senior Jianne Miles, sophomore Eugene Asis, freshman Bruce Sipelii mug for the camera after getting dirty during 2020 Warrior Recon Challenge before the pandemic worsened.

Ranger commander preps for practices during pandemic

Althea Cunningham, reporter January 22, 2021

Junior Eugene Asis is the JROTC Ranger Team Commander, and he has to face a lot of changes this year.  The McKinley JROTC Ranger team plans to start practices after months of no activity due to the...

Ty Burr is a movie critic for the Boston Globe.

Ty Burr: Film Critic

Professional explains how he does what he does
Justin Nguyen, reporter November 13, 2020

Journalists cover a wide variety of subjects. Ty Burr, a Boston Globe journalist, focuses on movie reviews. Burr spoke to scholastic journalists in spring 2020 while everyone was at home because of...

English teacher Miyuki Rogers stays positive during virtual learning.

English teacher looks on bright side

Jerome Linear and Kayja-lyn Kauahi-Kahookele September 23, 2020

McKinley High School started the school year virtually and a week late due to the pandemic. Despite this, English teacher Miyuki Rogers has a bright view of this school year. “I try to find the...

Music teacher Natasha Taketa-Kim said we all need to get into the same boat, work together, and continue this school year and learn together with one another.

Music teacher compares expectations to reality

Justin Nguyen, reporter September 21, 2020

This year, McKinley High School started school differently from previous years, beginning virtually and one week later due to Covid-19. Online learning came with many expectations for students and teachers,...

Ono feels sense of accomplishment

Ono feels sense of accomplishment

Shane Kaneshiro, reporter September 21, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic is always changing, making the future unpredictable. At the beginning of school, the administration was thinking that the students would be able to be back in person for school....

Tigers fill time in lockdown

Tigers fill time in lockdown

Julia Linn, reporter April 30, 2020

When the Department of Education canceled school for the rest of the school year and students couldn’t meet up with friends and go out, Tigers were, for the most part, home alone, wondering what to do...

Haley Nicole Chun is McKinley High School’s 2019-2020 freshman class vice president.

Chun welcomes challenges

Thai Bui, head reporter April 27, 2020

Haley Nicole Chun, McKinley High School’s 2019-2020 freshman class vice president, said she wanted to push herself to be confident with others. “I want to gain as much experience as possible...

Tadena focuses on school and family

Tadena focuses on school and family

Cheng Hong He, reporter April 24, 2020

Freshman Mariel Tadena struggled with shyness when she was little. She changed in middle school because some of her classes required presentations and talking in front of the class. “After going through...

Rodden misses school

Rodden misses school

Mark Ontolan, reporter April 20, 2020

Freshman James Rodden said he missed school after it closed in March due to the coronavirus pandemic. Teachers began providing remote instructions, but Rodden said it wasn’t the same. “I’d...

Senior Alyssa Kondo is a member of McKinley High School's band and is an ignition mentor who helps transition freshmen into high school.

Kondo likes to work with others

An Vo, editor April 17, 2020

School is not just a place to learn. It is also a place to work with others. Senior Alyssa Kondo has used her experience at McKinley High School to grow her personality. “I would not have replaced...

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