Student Voice of McKinley High School.

Sugar, delicious but dangerous

Sonya Park Smith, reporter

Some McKinley High School students are eating foods and drinks that contain a lot sugar. “Sugar itself isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Our bodies are actually kind of designed to burn sugar and carb...  Read More »

Zootopia, place for predator and prey

Aidan Sakaio, reporter

Zootopia is a movie about a farm-girl (bunny), named Judy Hopps, who hopes to make a living as a cop in the big city of Zootopia. Ever since she was a child, Judy Hopps has aspired to live and work in...  Read More »

MHS due for an upgrade

Kirt Choi and Jaycee Paat, reporters

McKinley High School needs to make a few adjustments. Starting with the duration of recess and lunch. Our recess lasts about fifteen minutes and lunch recess lasts around thirty minutes. It ...  Read More »

McKinley plays Roosevelt

Kirt Choi, reporter

On Friday August 12, Mckinley JV team lost 40- 0 in a game against Roosevelt. The football game started at around 5:00 p.m. McKinley kicked the ball off to Roosevelt and the Roughriders were pushing th...  Read More »

Tiger Tally

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Student Voice of McKinley High School.
Student Voice of McKinley High School.