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Zootopia, place for predator and prey

Aidan Sakaio, reporter

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Zootopia is a movie about a rural rabbit, named Judy Hopps, who hopes to make a living as a cop in the big city of Zootopia. Since she was young, Judy Hopps aspired to live and work in the great city of Zootopia, where both predators and prey have put aside their differences and live in peace and harmony.

After becoming a police officer, Judy comes to realize that this “perfect” society she had dreamed of as child is not all that perfect. As she tries to cope with the sudden realization that she may never achieve her dream to actively help others as a cop, she unintentionally accepts a case to find a missing otter. To make matters worse, she unwittingly stakes her career on this case.

Officer Hopps is given 48 hours to find the missing otter. If she does not complete her assignment by the given time, she will be out of a job. Hopps takes a look at the case-file, and sets out on her assignment. Her first and only lead is a fox named Nicholas Wilde. After he refuses to cooperate, Hopps blackmails him, forcing him to cooperate.

Wilde and Hopps discover that the missing otter was only a small part of a massive case involving over 14 other missing mammals.

The case put the city in a state of uncertainty. Prey turned against predator. Large anti-predator movements were put into motion. Amidst all the turmoil, Hopps loses a close friend, Nicolas Wilde. She upsets him during one of her speeches about the “savage” mammal cases, in which she talks about their biology playing a large role in their actions.

Hopps realizes her mistake and asks for forgiveness. Wilde forgives her and they become friends again. They go on to crack the case, apprehending the real culprit and restoring peace and harmony to Zootopia.

I like this movie because it has a lot of references to other films, and it contains multiple “easter-eggs,” such as a poster in the background with Moana on it. The characters also have well-defined personalities. For example, Nicholas is a slick, narcissistic criminal who makes a living ripping people off, and Judy is an optimistic police officer who likes to help people. The movie also has a great deal of humor and a well-constructed plot.


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Zootopia, place for predator and prey