Students Want More Benches And Tables

Egan Medeiros, student reporter

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McKinley High School should have more tables and benches.

The school has around 1,500 students. The amount of tables and chairs we have is not enough for all the students in this school.

When I get lunch, I would like to sit at a table and eat but often the benches or tables are all full.

I’m not the only one. I always see people sitting down on the floor by T building to eat their lunch. I also see people at tables in front of the cafeteria standing up because there is no space left on the tables to eat at.

I think it’s bad to sit on the floor and eat because it’s dirty. All the students walk around and their shoes get dirty from the ground.

We have so much room on campus, such as between Hirata Hall and F-Building, to add more benches and tables. We have 64 benches and 31 tables around the school. We still have a lot more space around the school to get tables and benches to sit at. If we don’t have the money to get more tables and benches right now, we should make sure to keep it a priority and start fundraising in order to fund it.

We definitely need more tables and benches for the students of MHS.

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