Hawaii needs independence

Hannah Rouillard, head reporter

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We all know about how Hawaii was wrongfully taken over, but we are not shown the way to right the wrong. We are not the United States, We are Hawaii. Yet we are owned and occupied. We have freedom, but it is the United States’ freedom. We need Hawaiian freedom.

As residents in Hawaii, we experience the beauty and love of this land, every day. But in turn, we overlook what really makes Hawaii, Hawaii. It is not just the glistening waters, mighty mountains, constant summer breeze. This is what a tourist sees. The true beauty lies within our culture, and our people. Hawaii is not like the United States. And not just in the scenes that we are physically separated from the rest of the world by an ocean. People do not come here because it is occupied by the USA. They come to a separate place, a distant land. So it is about time we make it our own legally. It is not impossible for Hawaii to become an independent nation. If we come together, we can do it.

Aulii Mafi said she believes that the USA needs to realize what they have done is wrong and, bottom line, illegal. Coming in and forcibly taking our country, erasing our monarchy, and overthrowing our queen was wrong and the US needs to realize that. Once they have realized this, we are one step closer. After hearing this interesting point of view, my understanding of how to fix the problem changed. The U.S. needs to see the wrong actions done. However, not all the responsibility is on the United States. We are standing in the way more than the U.S. This is our home. We need to fix this.

Hawaii belongs to the Hawaiian people. The United States government should not determine whether or not Hawaii is independent or occupied. It is up to the Hawaiians to become Hawaii again, and no one can stand in the way. If the decision is up to the United States, of course, they will say no. They need us for the military advantage and the resources. However, Hawaii does not rely on the US as much. Yes, we do get many things shipped here from the US, such as food. But becoming an independent country would not necessarily mean we get cut off. If the resources from the US are cut off, we could get them from other places. We should not be scared of things such as economic problems. With all the tourism, our economy will find a way. In fact, if we become an independent country, the economy will likely get better. More people will come to Hawaii because new history will be made and there will be more meaning in visiting.

I am not saying that we turn back time. I am not saying things were perfect before colonization. I am instead suggesting we move forward. Hawaii will never be perfect, like any place person or thing on the planet. But no one deserves to be forced into any way of life. Hawaiians need Hawaiian freedom. And the only way this will be achieved is if everyone, not just Hawaiian descendants, stands together. In history, people have won freedom with nonviolent protest and coming together as one. It has happened many times before with tones of different types of people. It can happen again, today, with us.