Coffee or Tea is the best milk tea cafe

Wynn Dang, reporter

Coffee or Tea is the best milk tea cafe that I know of. Their milk tea is good, their prices are reasonable and they have good service like really fast service it’s really not that bad but depending or how many customers there are in the store. There are add-ons like lychee jello and coconut jello. They also have shave ice, smoothies, cake, and macarons. They have a secret menu. My aunt used to work there and she told me about it. I would not recommend going by car because it has other restaurants and it might be hard to find parking. However, you could have a person go in and buy it and another person waits in the car. Then, boom, you’ve got yourself some good milk tea. When they make the drinks, it’s a little noisy,  but overall it’s comfortable, it has a calming taste and the pearls are soft, delicious, and sweet. It’s unique in that there are only 5 stores in Hawaii. They are on this island, to be exact.