Voting is important part of being an American


By Stephanie Linn

Linn says voting is an important part of being an American.

As all of the votes are counted and the next president of the United States is announced, the country roars with excitement (or dismay) for what is to come. By casting a vote, the American population is able to voice their opinions to better America for future generations. The very act of voting exemplifies what it means to be an American. 

With the primaries quickly approaching, it is important for Americans to go out and vote. In 1936, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty and said, “Even in times as troubled and uncertain as these, I still hold to the faith that a better civilization than any we have known is in store for America.”

Each individual vote is needed for this civilization to come. Voters who are knowledgeable about different policies are able to make a more informed decision on candidates and how to help America progress as a country. It is critical for Americans to hold true to that quote so America can improve more as a country and uphold positive aspects that make America unique.

In the short story “America and I” by Anzia Yezierska, the main character has a revelation for what it means to be an American. “The great difference between the first Pilgrims and me was that they expected to make America, build America, create their own liberty. I wanted to find it ready made.” Americans can build America by voting in elections.  Although some argue that they are just voting for the “least worst,” it still gives power to the American people. 

Through voting, citizens are able to become more aware of issues and take advantage of a freedom that is not available in many other countries. Regardless of what political standing each American has, voting is a vital part of what makes America, America. This is why the act of voting exemplifies what it means to be an American.