‘Outbreak’ relates to our time


By Cynthia Reves

Mark Ontolan, reporter

One of my favorite old movies is “Outbreak,” starring two of my favorite actors Dustin Hoffmen and Morgan Freeman. This movie is mainly about a dangerous airborne virus called “motaba” that came from an African monkey that got smuggled to the U.S. The virus hits a California town and almost wipes out all civilization. A team of doctors including a contagious disease expert are working hard to stop the virus from spreading. At the end one doctor figured that the military had been hiding the cure for 25 years and his friend is a general who knew it this whole time and almost didn’t do anything to help people survive the virus. Eventually the 2 doctors that were flying a helicopter stopped a plane from dropping the bomb to the small town to stop the virus from spreading. After that they landed their helicopter by the hospital and immediately ran inside to check on Dustin Hoffman’s ex wife to see if the cure worked, and it did.

This movie has a lot of action that is interesting for me, and this last scene of two doctors stopping the military plane from dropping the bomb is my favorite. I gave 5 paws for the actors because they did an excellent job on acting. I gave a rating of 5 to all overall ratings because there were a lot of amazing actions, the ending was nice as well as the actors.