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Hannah Rouillard
I'm Hannah Rouillard.  I am a sophomore here in McKinley. When I am not in school or working for The Pinion, I like to go to the beach or spend time with friends. Some hobbies of mine are writing, drawing, playing guitar, working out, and eating food. I can speak more than one language. My first language is English, my second is Italian, and I am also in the process of becoming fluent in Spanish. I have many friends all over the country and also all over the world. I love music. I listen to different types of music like Alternative, Metal, Emo, Rock, and Punk. I want be a tattoo because I love art and self expression. I have had many things in life stand in my way like medical conditions, my learning disability, and my G.A.D. But I have never let things stand in my way. I am determined  finish school strong, and also focusing on my needs, wants, and development as a person.

Hannah Rouillard, head reporter

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