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James Deguinon
Biographical questions

  • Strength: My accomplishments

  • Fear: Failure

  • Birth place: Island of Oahu, Honolulu HI

  • 5 adjectives: Smart, Average, Fun, Nice, Good

  • Height: About “5”

  • Intermediate: Central Middle School

  • Blood type: Unknown

  • Married: Not

  • Motivation in school: Getting a good review

Tid Bit Questions

  • Favorite hobby: Video Games

  • Who I resemble the most: My Grandpa

  • Languages Spoken: English

  • Inspiration and why: Parents because they expect me to be a role model in life

  • Favorite subject: LANG ARTS

  • If I were to travel anywhere: I would go to see the big ben

  • Describe happiness: Love, joy, happy moment, and nothing to worry about

Brother is a Brother

Freshman shares his experience with his brother

by Hoang Nguyen

They say that friends come and go but, family is forever.  This is a story about an important event in James Deguinon’s life. Nine years ago, James was six years old. He was just a kid. James is the youngest one in his family. He also has his older sister, Jasmin and his older brother, Jonathan.

The older brother used to always tease him. At one time Jonathan went too far and hurt James. James would told him to stop but Jonathan wouldn’t listen. James’ older sister, Jasmin  was the person that always stopped Jonathan from saying mean thing to James. Sometime, James used to think that his sister would stay with him and his family forever. But life is not beautiful like a dream. His sister went to college a few months after.

”I always thought of him as if he was my enemy or a rival but as a kid you grow and you learn more about yourself and the people around you,” said Freshman and Pinion staff James Deguinon.  When James grew up, he started to understand everything around him. His brother Jonathan is James’ half brother. He was really smart but always did badly at school. And he got bored very easily, so James had to stay home with his brother when his mother and father went to work.

A few months after, Jonathan went to the Cebu which was part of Philippines to study. His mom thought he was doing bad at school so he told him to go study over there and come back in 2 years. James was very happy because he did not have to hear teasing from Jonathan anymore.

“Well I never actually thought he was like that until he left to go study and the rest of my days was just the same but without him,” said Deguinon.   A few days after Jonathan left, James felt lonely and sad. He didn’t know why he got that feeling. Sometime, he thought he missed his brother, Jonathan. James knew that was crazy because he hated Jonathan before. However, he couldn’t hate Jonathan forever.

A few years after, Jonathan came back home. He was still mean to James but he didn’t tease James much. He dropped out of high school and now he has a job. He works very hard and he almost never teases James anymore. Right now James goes to the same high school that his brother dropped out of and now he understand Jonathan more.

James Deguinon, reporter

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