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Marietta Teramoto
My name is Marietta Teramoto and I am a freshman. At first I didn’t really want to be in Newswriting. When the adviser, Ms. Reves, kept talking about how hard The Pinion works to provide the school with newspapers, it made me really iffy about taking the class. On Friday of the first week, when coming back to the newsroom in F151, I realized that I should have a challenge my freshmen year and try something new. Newswriting opened up something new in my life, that I didn’t know I was interested in. I hope Newswriting class changes my way of not just writing but also my life. I used to play the viola. It was one of my escapes from reality and sadly I dropped out due to the hard work that they expected out of me, so I hope working for The Pinion changes my ways.

Marietta Teramoto, staff reporter

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