Looky looky my first bloggy posty!

Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

Hey Mckinley, it is me Sean Gleason, co-editor of The Pinion here to start off my learning blog. Within this blog, I will be sharing my experiences and the various things I will be learning in my journey as co-editor!

As co-editor of the Pinion, my responsibilities include laying out the issue and editing articles to make sure everyone at Mckinley gets the highest quality content. In this blog, I will be primarily focusing on learning more about graphic design and how to better the overall look of the Pinion.

To start off my learning, I recently discovered the difference between organic and inorganic shapes. Organic are shapes  are natural and cannot be changed; for example, squares, circles, triangles, etc. Inorganic shapes are shapes that can be anything; for example, blobs, splashes, and splotches.

Hopefully you learned something from reading my blog and look forward to some organic and inorganic shapes in the next issues of the Pinion! See you next time!