Yo yo, third blog post is here doe

Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

Sean Gleason, c0-editor of McKinley High School’s newspaper the Pinion, here once again to share my learning experience. Last blog, I spoke about the cover. The Pinion’s cover now looks absolutely fantastic. The Pinions first issue of volume 93 was also recently finished and sent to reprographics to be printed so all off McKinley High School can enjoy not just the awesome front cover, but also the 11 other pages that we have in store.

When it comes to what I have learned, I relearned the importance of pull quotes and captions. To me, pull quotes just seem to make the articles look very cool and it gives the readers a small respite from huge walls of text. When it comes to captions, I learned that captions have to give information about the picture and not just what’s happening. It makes sense because people can tell from the picture what’s going on. Sadly I wasn’t able to apply these to the first issue, but I definitely plan to for issue number two!