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Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

Sean Gleason, co-editor of McKinley’s newspaper, here once again to share what I’ve learned. Last time I talked about the importance of being concise.

This time I’ve learned the importance of planning ahead. November has been a crazy month and I definitely feel like I could’ve gotten so much more done if I had had those days off to work. I really cut it close this quarter when it comes to the deadline of issue 2 of Volume 93. If I had planned better and had for seen the amount of time I would’ve missed from the days off in November, the issue could’ve been edited and sent to the printers sooner.

With how I did it this quarter, I got it to the printers on the very last day that I could’ve gotten it to them, which was the Dec. 9. The printers require one week to print out the Pinion. Since the quarter ends on Dec. 19, I cut it real close. When they’d ask me when they wanted it by I had asked them to get it to us by the 18th which is only six working days, but with optimism I’m sure that they will get it to us early like they always do.