Learning blog 6 is here to mix it up

Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

Sean Gleason, co-editor of McKinley’s newspaper, here once again to share what I’ve learned. Last time I talked about the importance of planning ahead. I learned this lesson the hard way, however with third quarter not having crazy holiday day offs like 2nd quarter I don’t think I should have much to worry about. This time I’ve learned the importance of communicating with my staff. Creating the Pinion is a team effort and requires everyone to be on the same page. I ran into this issue a lot this quarter when doing the issue. Many reporters weren’t putting their stories in SNO for Silvana to edit. For articles to even be considered for print, they must go through SNO for editing. The reporters eventually did put their articles in SNO, but if they had gotten it in their earlier, it would’ve given Silvana more time to edit and more time for me to find space for it in the print. Many articles lengths in this issue were very awkward. Some pages are lacking in visuals mainly because some articles could only fit without pictures. Some articles weren’t long enough to be an entire page, but at the same time they weren’t short enough to fit in small spaces. However, it’s partially my fault as well for the reporters not putting their stories in SNO. I should’ve communicated with them so they’d known how important it is for me to have time to fit everything in. With the issue sent to the printer, I still optimistically  believe they’ll get it to us by December 18th so it can then be bundled and distributed to the students on December 19th