Learning Blog 8 is a piece of cake

Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

Sean Gleason, co-editor of McKinley’s newspaper, here once again to share what I’ve learned. Last time I talked about photojournalism and learning how to take better photo’s. This time I’ll be talking about the power of cooperation. In the past, I alone have been the layout editor for the Pinion. This quarter however, all the editors were equalized and given the same responsibilities as each other. This means that in addition to doing the layouts I’d have to edit articles for the website. However, by taking on this work I reduce the amount of laying out I have to do since the other two editors have to participate in editing the layout for the issue as well. Though this method has made things much easier for me, it does have its downsides. Throughout laying out the next issue, the other editors would make rookie mistakes and take longer than say I would to lay out pages. I would also would have to take some time to help them become acquainted with layout editing etiquette. In reality though, we did get the issue done on time and in my opinion the next issue is our best this year.