C-shion: HanFu

Cheng Hong He, reporter

HanFu is a traditional Chinese clothing piece. HanFu looks like a robe with wide sleeves. It has detailed prints like dragons, flowers, birds, etc 

There are different patterns of HanFu. One,Buzi, is a design that shows the rank of the person wearing it. The king’s HanFu is a dragon print with gold patterns and the robe is golden yellow. They might pair it with their own crown. The crown looks like a hat but it has gold, and it’s shaped into a hat shape with beaded jewels hanging off of the crown. The Queen will also look like that. 

There are also different HanFU for the rich people. There will be no gold but simple colors with flowers or animal designs. In the past, people who had more money had prettierHanFu than the poor. And that also shows the rank. People who didn’t have much money would have a simple but still pretty HanFu. People would embroider their own design on it.

What I loved about HanFu is that it has a lot of history behind it, and I love their cool designs.