Mixed Media Madness: My first time using a drawing tablet

Kelly Cheng, reporter

When I first started drawing digitally, it was on my small phone. My fingers slid across the screen repeatedly and it was a huge struggle until I got the hang of it.

Not too long ago, a friend of mine bought a digital drawing tablet called Wacom Intuos S. It is a small size tablet meant for beginners. I decided that I wanted to try this tablet myself. My tablet came with bluetooth and wireless, which means that once I charge the tablet I can bring it anywhere I want without the hassle of connecting it to my laptop.

The tablet already came with some software, but I wanted to try out another drawing software called MediBangPaintPro. The pen was super satisfying to use. Although it felt uneasy at first to look at the screen and tablet at the same time. I learned that if you learn to hold the pen correctly, it should be no problem and you’ll quickly get comfortable in drawing.

I really enjoyed using the tablet, especially since I’ve always seen artists use Wacom Intuos. I recommend this tablet if you’re also a beginner who wants to try digital drawing tablets as well.