Pops in Asia: Got7’s Call My Name

Julia Linn, reporter

Got7 is a seven member South Korean boy group under the label JYP entertainment. Their most recent album, Call My Name, is currently my favorite of their albums. 

We start off with the title track You Calling My Name which is their promoted title track from this album. The member JB wrote some of the lyrics in this song. The song is about regretting mistakes and without the person you love your name loses its meaning. That ends up being your price to pay for making them cry. Without them you can’t live, so you wish they will call your name out. Simply, it’s a song about a messy break up where you’re not sure you made the right choice but you end up admitting your regret and  wishing they would come back to you. I would rate this song a 9/10 for the fact that there are other title tracks from Got7 that I like better than this one.

The next song is PRAY, which was composed and written by JB or his name that he goes under when credited, DEFSOUL. This song is a love song about what someone that you love means to you and asking them to love you how you love them and how you always want be by them. I would rate this song a 7/10 because the first part of the chorus is very, very good and, if you have not listened to Got7 before, I am sure it will surprise you.

The next b-side on this album is Now or Never (feat. Jonas Blue). The song is about living in the current moment, thinking about the beautiful time which is right now under the night sky together when it’s only the two of youocking eyes saying to yourself it’s now or never. The basic theme of the song is confessing to your crush and that once you feel it is the right time to confess, you tell yourself it’s now or never. I would rate this song a 6/10 because it’s not my favorite Got7 song but it’s not bad either. It gets an automatic five points because Jackson starts off the song. He is the rapper in the group, so him singing in a Got7 song is a blessing because he has such a unique voice.

The next song is a promoted b-side track Thursday. This song is also produced and written by JB/DEFSOUL. This is just a cute love song thinking about the person you love, wanting them to feel the same thing you are feeling, wanting to meet them in the middle and that middle would be Thursday (Thursday being in the middle of the week). I would rate this song a 10/10 because it’s a very happy song that you should listen to when you are in a meh mood so that mood changes to a more happy mood.

The second to last track is Run Away. The member Jinyoung made some of the lyrics for this song. The song is about wanting to run away to be alone with the person you love, so you can hold them and tell them that you love them. I would rate this song a 5/10 because, compared to the other tracks, this song doesn’t really have anything that makes it stand out.

The last track on the album is Crash & Burn and  is also a promoted b-side track. This song is about how one person can turn your life around completely, how you constantly want them until you crash and burn. As they are constantly around you, you fall  deeper in love with them. I would rate this song a 8/10 because this song clearly stands out compared to the other songs on this album.