Centennial Series: Stacy Yuen (1983)

Former staffer notes changes in tech


Stacey Yuen graduated in 1983 and was a reporter for The Pinion.

Justin Nguyen, reporter

The Pinion, McKinley High School’s student newspaper, had its first print issue on October 14, 1920, meaning the centennial is this year. Throughout these years, Pinion journalism has changed in a plethora of ways. Many former Pinion staffers, who witnessed these changes, are alive today.

Stacy Yuen is one of them.

Yuen graduated in 1983 and worked as a journalist for part of her career. Her journalism experience with The Pinion was different from the experience she had as a Hawaii Business Magazine reporter. She recalled using typewriters for The Pinion.

“We actually cut our stories out using a knife and pasting it on another piece of paper with rubber cement,” she said.  “So to look back at those days and to look at how you guys are doing it now, it was much more manual.”

Yuen knows what it’s like to proofread both on a screen and on paper. She said she thinks it is more effective to print out the paper and proofread it rather than proofreading it on an screen. She advises other journalists to do the same proofreading technique as her to help improve the quality of articles.

“You do a lot of things on the computer. You type up your stories on the computer and you read them on the computer,” Yuen said. “Proofreading something on the screen is not the same, and you’re not going to catch mistakes that you would catch in printing it out.”

Overall, Yuen said she views the changes as positive.

“It’s an amazing transformation from those days to now,” Yuen said.