AOF students travel to New York

Brannagan Mukaisu, reporter

“I did not like New York. I LOVED it!” said Debbie Ababa (11), one of three Academy of Finance students who attended a Wall Street Field Study.

The october trip was through the AKAMAI Finance Academy, an extracurricular program that helps Hawaii students prepare for their futures in the business field. Ababa, along with Ridge Hayashi(12) and Nathaniel Teocson (11),were chosen for this trip based on recommendations from workers of the AKAMAI Academy. The recommendations were based on how much effort they put into their business classes and how much they showed passion for this field. Ababa, Teocson, and Hayashi were accompanied by Patricia Meyer, the SPED teacher here at McKinley who is also the advisor for AKAMAI Fianance Academy. The three students were in New York for the first time from October 2nd to the 6th. They got to meet about 55 other students from various schools around the state. From this Wall Street Field Study, Ababa said they went to banks like JP Morgan and Morgan Stanley. The purpose for this field study was to teach the students more about the business industry and how they can have an effective career in this field. They also got the chance to tour the financial district and see the first Macy’s on 34th street. All three gained lessons from their New York experiences.

Ababa said, “I learned that there are more opportunities of finance jobs in places that I would never have thought of before.”

Teocson learned the important tools in the finance field for example: how to buy and sell shares, he also learned that “hard work pays off and never give up on any thing even your dreams no matter how big.” Hayashi said he learned a lot by getting advice from the Financial Professionals at each Investment Bank.

“They said the key thing is to have motivation and to network a lot.”

Ababa went on to say “I definitely will take the things that I’ve learned because I have a passion for business and want to pursue it after college.”

Teocson said that he could use what he learned in New York and said, “I could use this to buy and sell my own stocks or help use the info to help my family’s business. I would also use the information to get a job in the finance field.”

Hayashi agreed also, by saying, “Yes, I will use this learning experience in my future when I do apply for jobs and internships in New York.”

While in New York Ababa felt privileged to have stayed in a “beautiful hotel right near Times Square and Central Park.” During her leisure time she “got to stroll in Central Park” and eat foods like “pasta, pizza and even more pasta!” Ababa felt that New York was a big city but she is a “city type of girl,” so she “absolutely loved (New York).”

She said, “I love the environment and the sites it has to offer. People always say NY at night is beautiful and it really is.”

Ababa’s most memorable moment in New York “was the sight of Times Square at night. It was so beautiful.”

For Teocson, he explained that “going to the New York stock exchange where not most people can get into,” was the most memorable experience for him.

Teocson said he loved New York and enjoyed the cold weather. The advice he would give to students who would like this opportunity is to “just work hard and you will be able to do great things and go many places.”

Hayashi believes “the experience was worth while.” He revealed that they “were given a once in a lifetime opportunity that no one else had before. For example, only workers would be able to go into the New York Stock Exchange. There were never tourists that had access to the headquarters; however, (the students) were able to enter the premises.

Hayashi said, “Every single moment in New York was memorable. The thing that really excited me was walking around Times Square because there was so much to do and so much to see. The lights, billboards and crowded streets in the heart of New York are very mind-blowing.”

Now looking back on their experiences Ababa said, “I would love to go back to New York! It’s my kind of city and environment.”

Teocson said, “Yes I would love a chance to go back.”

Hayashi felt the same way as the others by saying, “I would love to go back to New York! I plan on living and working there because the life there is exciting and very fast paced.”

From their hard work motivation, and New York experiences we can that they “love” and have a sure passion for the business field.