Jediah, Jonas, and Jayson’s seriousness and fun in paddling

Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

Rain or shine, Jediah Arellano, Jonas Almoguera and Jayson Bautista enjoy paddling and all of its glory. Paddling is a sport that consists of a small crew of individuals racing their canoe against other crews in a race to the finish.

“The most important part about paddling is trusting your crew,” Almoguera said.

It takes a well organized and synchronized team to be as fast as they can be.

“Teamwork… is the most important part about paddling,” Bautista said.

“Staying focused… determination is the most important part about paddling,” Arellano said.

Paddling is an intense sport and the passion the canoeists have is just as intense.

Almoguera demonstrated this intense passion through the words he shared. “If this were my last season of paddling, I’d give it my all… no regrets.”

Arellano and Bautista; however, have a different perspective.

“If this were my last season I’d be sad because I’ve had lots of fun,” Bautista said.

“If this were my last season I’d feel horrible because I love paddling,” Arellano said.

Thankfully, Arellano, Almoguera and Bautista are juniors. We will be seeing more of them in the future.

If you have ever thought about joining paddling, Arellano, Almoguera and Bautista have a few words for you.

“It may seem hard at first… if you keep going with it, you’ll learn to love it,” Arellano said.

“In the end it’ll be worth it and fun,” Bautista said.

“Have a strong mindset and don’t give up,” Almoguera said.