A different kind of scary

Sean Gleason, Print Design Co-Editor

The eve of All Saints’ Day, Halloween, is a time when you would expect to encounter ghosts and ghouls, werewolves and witches. However, amongst the ninjas and nightmarish creatures is senior Taylor Madiro who chose to don bright red lipstick and frilly maid costume.

“It’s funny and I figured everyone would like it, it’s pretty hilarious, and it stands out,” Madiro said.

How long can a person keep on dressing up for Halloween? Eventually, we all grow out of it and transition to being chaperones for our children, right? Wrong. Madiro has a different way of thinking.

“I’ll keep on [dressing up] till the day I die. Halloween means to be young and free and it shouldn’t end,” Madiro said.

What can we expect from Madiro next year? A nurse? Maybe a ballerina?

However, with Madiro being a senior, the remaining and incoming students of Mckinley will not be able to see what he has in store for next year. Wherever Madiro decides to go after he graduates, he says that what he plans on being next Halloween is a surprise.